Various Aspects of Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is popular these days and very much in demand by individuals, organizations and business houses equally. It itself can be called as a type of Internet hosting. The most commonly known is free e-mail hosting as it is the best suitable one for small websites that encounter lesser traffic, needs lesser technical support and their requirements are not of high standards.

Free email hosting also seldom allows one to use a personally chosen domain name but mostly the domain name as given by the host is used. As evident, it is bit difficult to memorize and does not look that professional. There are few limitations on free email hosting services like there are seldom any domain names given, even the software options are few, the security options are limited and so is the database and technical support. Yet, it is chosen by personally owned sites due to their low cost.

File and image hosting and some files which have bigger size bigger are not easily hosted and are consequently discouraged on free web hosting services. This is so because it exceeds the bandwidth limit and there is no revenue gain to these advertisement supported free web services. The files sized over 5 MB and large media files such as MP3, thus are completely out of question to be accepted. For them, dedicated hosting services are made use of which allow hot linking.

Virtual hosting, also called as shared hosting is another cost effective option. Webhosting It also gives a domain name to the client and is supported on a strong server capable of supporting hundreds of websites. Its technical support is capable of meeting the needs of many software solutions like database, e-mail and editing options. Yet, security, traffic volume, database and software support is restricted.

Dedicated hosting hosts web site on dedicated server and is the most expensive option. This suits the demands of large websites attracting huge traffic and expecting secure and powerful server to support them. This kind of hosting offers premium services, multiple domain names and best email support.

Collocated hosting offers the place on web server of a service provider to the client. These servers are better as they are located at sites well designed for their placements. It is in fact as good as running one’s own server. They give higher bandwidth, high-security against natural calamities like fire and even against vandalism. The backup power systems are regulated and there are dedicated Internet connections. On the limiting sides, collocated hosting is expensive, requires technical expertise and is difficult to debug and configure.

What all matters is that whatever email host is chosen, it should meet your needs and suit your needs. The email hosting type should also be cost effective. It should also be easily upgradable to a better server which works more dedicatedly. To get the best of all the available options, proper research should be done of the service providers and their offered services.

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